Chair/Vice Chair of the Carers’ Partnership Board – Vacancies

The Cambridgeshire Alliance for Independent Living is recruiting for both the Chair and Vice Chair of the Carers’ Partnership Board. Candidates must be Carers themselves, and will be elected by the Board Members. Candidates can be self-nominated, or nominated by a Board Member, but do not need to be an existing member of the Board.

Role of Chair

The role of the Chair is to facilitate the smooth running of meetings and to ensure that the views of all members are duly considered. Elected Chairs will remain in office for a minimum of one year (except in exceptional circumstances) and the maximum duration of office of Chair and Vice Chair is three years. The Chair will hold responsibility for approving all reports and presentations that are to be considered by the Board. Except in exceptional circumstances, two meetings notice is required in resignation from the position of Chair or co-chair.

Role of Vice Chair

The Vice Chair is to provide support and back up to Chair and will take on the role and responsibilities above in the absence of the Chair.

If you are interested in either position, or would like to nominate a candidate, for more information please see the Cambridgeshire Alliance for Independent Living website here.

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